Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part VII

When i came to know about the Discover life workshop taking place in school, i was a little hesitant about taking part in this workshop. But my parents encouraged me to take part and so did my friends and so I gave it a try. The first session was good ... we all discovered how we actually felt about our environment, our surrounding..And how we looked at the world.

But little did i know that it would transform me into a better person and completely change me. Discover life workshops were a BRILLIANT experience. IT taught me to be confident, to believe in myself, by never giving up, from being a boy who used to have stage frights and would start stammering on stage to being bold and confident, to be what i am and getting up every time you fall.

The 12 workshops i attended certainly changed my life in a drastic manner and so did it change of many other students who were part of this workshop. In schools also we have Value education periods which teach us things similar to life skills. But one difference between discover life and school is that in Discover life workshops we were made to do activities and share our thoughts about how we felt about a certain point. For eg- we were made to do a fun activity that made us realize the importance of teamwork. Discover life also taught us to be optimistic. Imagine when The Wright Brothers said that they wanted to invent an object that would fly in the sky, what would have everyones reaction been?Imagine when scientists decided to make an artificial sattelite how would have people reacted?

Forget these examples when Ireland went into the cricket match against England chasing a score of 300+ majorities of the people would have switched of the televisions thinking how an associate nation can even get a score of 250 against England...But Ireland managed to pull one of the most interesting shockers in cricket history. I common reason- BECAUSE ALL OF THEM WERE OPTIMISTIC AND HAD A BELIEF IN THEMSELVES THAT IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING..

Discover life has really been a of real great help and has taught me things that have changed way of thinking and made me a better person..So in the end i would like to thank Discover life a lot . And of course..........

DiScOvEr LiFe RoCkS..

(Kritin Kapoor is a Class IX student at DPS Rohini. Kritin is part of a music band formed by his classmates. He is a highly talented drummer and his band has composed some awesome instrumentals. We wish him all the best)

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part VI

Discover Life is an organisation that helps young potential minds to discover their own life from a new angle for better development. Discover Life is a miracle for students; it aims overall development of students so that each child can stand out in the world without facing any difficulties. There are hardly any organisations providing such kind of service for the students in our country. The organisation has been introduced at school and colleges level. It describes a way for better living.

I am thankful to my school for introducing us to such a great organisation. My first interaction with Discover Life was in a workshop held by them upon “Entrepreneurship” which converted me into a real entrepreneur and the second was on “Presentation and Negotiation Skills” which helped me to become a better speaker and orator. Their workshops are really very helpful, knowledgeable, interactive and interesting. Their workshops consist of various videos and activities and hence are not sleep inducing like the regular workshops. It works as an outward force that brings out your potential and confidence that is hidden deep inside and also helps you to improve your skills by working upon your own weaknesses.

It is an organization for the youth on which is based the future of the country and hence they are contributing towards the country’s development.

(Pallav Bhagat is a Class XII student at DPS Rohini. Pallav has a sharp entrepreneurial mind and is one of the future entrepreneurs to look out for. We thank him for his feedback and wish him all the best in life)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part V

To spread wisdom and skills to deal with the outside world is one of the most difficult things to do. Trying a hand at it and that too so gracefully is what Discover Life does.

My experience with Discover Life has been very interesting so far. I have got to know many ways through which our 'future leaders' can be nurtured in a better way. Discover Life encourages you to take chances and commit mistakes and then learn from your own and others' mistakes so that you get the best.

I attended one of their workshops at DPS Rohini hosted by Chaitnya Sir. I was fascinated to see him work and interact with school children. Moreover, I was surprised by the response of the children; to see how fast their mind runs if only they get a right mentor. I am glad to be associated with DISCOVER LIFE.

(Nishtha Taneja is a business economics student from Delhi University. We are glad to have Nishtha as a part of our team for the fresh young perspective she brings to our ideas)

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part IV

One fine day we had a seminar on Discover life... I thought of it as any other regular seminar on some skills in life or discovering your potential, judging it by its name... but none of us knew that this day will embark us upon a journey, so enthralling & unexpected..... Just the feel of attending a Discover Life workshop on various life aspects was simply awesome... and after the seminars it was always a whole different me coming out of the room....

On working with the team to make discover life a more comprehensive and a standalone in its field i learned a lot new things... that time i actually got to know that these workshops which look so simple and yet so unique are not just made by a click of mouse... it needs great mind and dedication and willingness to create the difference....

I learned here that it’s not about what we do our whole life for ourselves, but it’s about what we do our whole life to make a better living for others...

I simply discovered life here..

p.s. - My "i can't" is still resting in peace... : D

(Abhishek Gupta is a business economics student from Delhi University.We are glad to have a sincere individual like Abhishek as an important part of Discover Life Team)

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part III

Ever since i joined Discover Life Workshops, I have actually become a better person to what i was earlier. The different interesting ways in which we were taught about those daily life necessities which otherwise go unnoticed was really a great and inspiring experience. The topics undertaken in both the workshops were those which are actually going to benefit us in the long run, like managing time and taking out time for ourselves, controlling anger, self confidence, team spirit and a lot more.

After observing the positive changes in me on attending the first set of workshops and my eagerness to join the next, my parents were quite happy to enroll me for the next session. The best parts of the workshops for me were the videos which were included in the sessions for better understanding of the topics. My friends and I used to wait for these video clippings as it gave us an insight of the topics and were of course very interesting. The team games too were real great fun which taught us the team spirit and how to gain leadership qualities as it is going to help us once we grow old. Not only did we learn about these, but also about tackling bullies and stuff.

The workshops and the ideas of portraying them were simply awesome and I am looking forward to yet another set of workshops at school. At last the only thing left to say is-Discover Life Rocksssss....!!!!!!

(Mahima Kaushik is a Class IX student at DPS Rohini. She has always been an eager student and an active participant in all our workshops. We are proud of the way she has made all the learnings an active part of her life)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part II

"Discover Life" - A Path that's helping many to Discover their Lives !!!

Discover Life came to MDI with a strategy cum marketing live project. I applied to it thinking - "Chance to add another bullet point to my CV ... Not Bad !!!". But little did I know at that time that working with Discover Life will be one of the best experiences, not only in terms of exposure and knowledge but also because it gave me a rare opportunity to see how the entrepreneurial spirits of a few are inspiring the same in so many others, especially those who require it the most - our future generation.

It has been an amazing experience working with discover life. When you work with it on the organizing side, then only you come to know that it puts in a lot of effort and thought behind each and every activity it conducts in schools. The activities are customized according to age and requirements of the students. It is made sure that the students gain the maximum benefit out of their programs.

I would rather not say anything about the success of Discover Life's initiative. The very fact that the schools experiencing the programs are calling them again and again and the number of schools is continuously increasing in Delhi NCR region in such a short span of time - just 1 year speaks for itself.

All in all, it was wonderful working with Discover Life.

Wish it becomes a success story (and a case study in MBA colleges ;) ) soon :)

(Kalika Jain is pursuing her MBA from MDI Gurgaon and worked with Discover Life on a Live Project. The creative and progressive inputs given by Kalika are of great value to us always :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part I

It is difficult to describe my experience in Discover Life in a few lines. To start with it’s a unique concept with outstanding positive effects. All those who have attended a Discover Life session would know what I am talking about. Discover Life urges one to live his/her life without any boundaries and helps in tremendous development of essential soft skills. It has done the same with me. Given me the strength to crossover the big hurdles (which I thought were ‘big’), deal with my failure (I figured there is no such thing as failure!) overcome my weaknesses and cross out the word impossible from my dictionary. This experience of mine has encouraged me to work more with Discover Life. I am pulled between the conventional mainstream options, such as a corporate job, and the idea of a living a life working with children and helping the society.

(Aerika Mittal is a Business Economics student at Delhi University and has been working actively with Discover Life. With all her eagerness and enthusiasm, Discover Life is proud to have Aerika as a part of our team.)