Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perspectives on Discover Life - Part VII

When i came to know about the Discover life workshop taking place in school, i was a little hesitant about taking part in this workshop. But my parents encouraged me to take part and so did my friends and so I gave it a try. The first session was good ... we all discovered how we actually felt about our environment, our surrounding..And how we looked at the world.

But little did i know that it would transform me into a better person and completely change me. Discover life workshops were a BRILLIANT experience. IT taught me to be confident, to believe in myself, by never giving up, from being a boy who used to have stage frights and would start stammering on stage to being bold and confident, to be what i am and getting up every time you fall.

The 12 workshops i attended certainly changed my life in a drastic manner and so did it change of many other students who were part of this workshop. In schools also we have Value education periods which teach us things similar to life skills. But one difference between discover life and school is that in Discover life workshops we were made to do activities and share our thoughts about how we felt about a certain point. For eg- we were made to do a fun activity that made us realize the importance of teamwork. Discover life also taught us to be optimistic. Imagine when The Wright Brothers said that they wanted to invent an object that would fly in the sky, what would have everyones reaction been?Imagine when scientists decided to make an artificial sattelite how would have people reacted?

Forget these examples when Ireland went into the cricket match against England chasing a score of 300+ majorities of the people would have switched of the televisions thinking how an associate nation can even get a score of 250 against England...But Ireland managed to pull one of the most interesting shockers in cricket history. I common reason- BECAUSE ALL OF THEM WERE OPTIMISTIC AND HAD A BELIEF IN THEMSELVES THAT IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING..

Discover life has really been a of real great help and has taught me things that have changed way of thinking and made me a better person..So in the end i would like to thank Discover life a lot . And of course..........

DiScOvEr LiFe RoCkS..

(Kritin Kapoor is a Class IX student at DPS Rohini. Kritin is part of a music band formed by his classmates. He is a highly talented drummer and his band has composed some awesome instrumentals. We wish him all the best)

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